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The Utah NSA datacenter is supposed to “be fully operational” … This month! It’s September!

And heeeeere’s Snowden!  Brought to you by…! Ba-dump. Hmm.  The fella has been notable by his absence lately, hasn’t he? But, the NSA materials do keep dribbling out. So be of bad cheer!  (Whether you cheer or fear.)

The NSA budget is now $10 billion a year, out of a combined intelligence agency budget of $75 billion a year. That’s up from $44 billion total in 2005. What could we have done with $31 billion a year for 7 years? We could have put settlers on Mars. Settling Mars, based on return on investment to the nation for Apollo, would generate 8 times what is spent on it.   We could be $1.5 trillion richer today! “Howdy-hoooooooo!”

Yes, dear. I recognize the utility of NSA SIGINT snooping into ever’thang to get terrorists…

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