Korean Class MASSIVE

Hyelim Kim is a hugely talented and passionate musician specialising in the traditional Korean instrument, the taegǔm. Using her skills she aims to promote greater understanding of her cultures’ music and to exchange knowledge and friendship via the medium of music. Currently Hyelim is studying at SOAS in London, where she’s working towards her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology and writing a comprehensive Ph.D thesis concerning world music, the taegǔm and the modernity of Korean music. With her base in London, she has also been treating British audiences to beautiful demonstrations of the taegǔm and is regularly wowing crowds, creating new interest within the British public for traditional Korean music. Having performed in multiple countries across the globe, her experience is huge and her enthusiasm is inspiring.

Coming up on the 17th September, Asia house in London has a very special evening with Hyelim. ‘Beyond Taegǔm‘ is an…

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