Human's Music and Work-out/healthy Living Blog

I post both music and fitness stuff here, but I am a musician too so time for that.

Nickname “The Human,” got it in my younger days, so I record under “The Human Project.” I write all my own stuff and produce most of it too. I have released 4 CD’s.

2006.   The Real Stuff.  Sold pretty well, hit pretty big in Switzerland.  A good one to get.

2008.   Human Project II, Humanized.  I love this one. I sent it to Sterling Sound in NYC to get mastered.  A damn good CD of original blues rock.

2010.   Best of the Human Project. I took some tracks I liked from my first 2 CD’s and put on this one. I also put 4 new songs on here that you can’t get anywhere else.  One is Hard Work Blues..that just kicks ass.

2013.   Last Train Out.  More originals…

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