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The Taylor Trash

Recently, I marked the end of an era. Earlier this month I stepped down from my role as The Public Reviews’ Scotland Editor, and passed the responsibility onto my successor, the more-than-qualified and very talented, Lauren Humphreys of Glasgow Theatre Blog.

I began my role at The Public Reviews straight after my three-year tenure as The Journal‘s Theatre Editor, and after four years of commissioning, editing, publishing and generally looking after other people, I decided that it was time to look after me.

So, in May this year, I told my boss, Editor John, that this Fringe would be my last as Scotland editor. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason was that I longed to have more time to write. I’ll miss the perks of getting editor’s choice on shows that I really, really want to review and I’ll miss ranting about the innumerable…

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 Antichrist Media ''Aldajjal''

we are living in a time it seems to be the end of days and all of us waiting the antichrist ALDAJJAL , for me i believe Dajjal is MEDIA and communications one eye capture every thing and twist it to keep the conflicts and killing

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thebigpicturereport ™

Rewarding “Group Think” on Syria

By Robert Parry/ Consortium News/ September 13, 2013

“Group think” is alive and well in Official Washington, with virtually all the important pundits marching in lock-step with the Obama administration’s accusations against the Syrian government and everyone fuming over an Op-Ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at a joint press conference regarding the Syrian crisis with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. (State Department photo)

There is something troubling — even a bit scary — to watch the mainstream U.S. media in a full stampede as we’re now seeing over the issue of the Syrian civil war and against Russian attempts to find a diplomatic way to steer the American pack from rushing over the cliff into another U.S. military intervention.

Nearly every U.S. pundit and politician — from neocon to liberal — is charging off in the same…

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Zaycon Fresh Blog

Did you know that last year Zaycon Foods was featured on Good Morning America?

If your new to Zaycon, watch the video and you can see just how an event works.

It’s fast, friendly and fresh.



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Jason E Cooper

The problem the Liberals have is that they never ever dreamed that they would ever be in power, and this must be their motivating fact. You can see all the main collaborators, sitting, looking at each other in bewilderment, mouthing ‘Fuck, we are actually in power’.

Apart from patting themselves on the back and avoiding the fact they sold the students out, they will list a load of things that they have prevented from making the country in an even bigger mess that it is already. Thank you Mr Clegg, we live in the deep blue sea rather than being run by the devil – oh how your party must be proud.

To be fair I have forgotten one thing, they are going to introduce a carrier bag tax, 5p for every carrier bag in the supermarket. I’m sure Cameron will love this; if its unpopular, Clegg did it, if…

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Grow The Roses


One of the downsides of being pro-life in 2013 is the negative stereotyping. Being”pro-choice” is so normalized and they seem to have the popular debate covered. They have the jargon, while we as pro-lifers have to well explain our side of the debate. A side that once heard out, often changes hearts and minds towards the plight of the unborn (or born, as with present euthanasia debates around the world).

In today’s world image and communication are crucial. In all sectors.

When it comes to the life debate, the ‘other side’ is so good at public image and getting into the media. We need to be just as savvy at being soundbyte friendly and able to hold a modern argument. Just as we have to with being Catholic. We need to be present, active and smart about what we put across and how we use social media. What we…

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