spinningIf the last time you popped a wheelie was in the 3rd grade, then you are totally missing out on some two-wheeled fun. More than 48 million adults in the United States and millions more worldwide enjoy cycling for recreation, fitness, racing and commuting, and the indoor version known as spinning is pretty much a staple at most gyms today. So pedal on over here sis and let HelloBeautiful show you how to spin yourself healthy.


The Cycling Craze

If you like to take your workouts alfresco, are looking for a new adrenaline pumping challenge, or just want to ditch traffic on your daily commute then the cycling craze may be right up your alley. Cardiovascular and muscular endurance comes all wrapped up in a two wheel ball of fun with this hot trend and can be learned by just about anyone- especially the injured according to former professional race…

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