Fruit Fully Fit



If I got paid a dollar for every time someone has told me that I won’t be able to properly weight train because I don’t eat meat, all my school debt would be paid off. If I got paid a dollar for every time I have heard that vegans can’t do things such as crossfit, tough mudder, or beachbody programs, I wouldn’t still be in school. All this blah, blah, blah about vegetarians or vegans not being able to do this and that because we don’t consume meat so therefore we aren’t getting enough protein to be able to perform in workout programs such as P90X or just your generic weight training, is getting kind of tiresome and to be honest is a load of crap.

You have all of these athletic vegans/vegetarians in front of you like Robert Cheeke, Erin Moubray, Douglas Graham, Prince Fielder, Tonya Kay, Serena Williams…etc…

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