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It might not ever even occur to most CEOs that they even should write a blog. They are really focused on their business most of the time after all. But people love to read about success. They also love to read about what it would take to be a CEO since you can bet a huge swath of the population…

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Perpetual Innovation Machine

Strategic Plan FailureIn honor of every company that is going through strategic plans and annual plans this Fall, I wanted to share with you some sobering news: 9 out of 10 of your strategic plans are going to fail. In the first entry of a two-part post, I’ll address the four most common reasons why Strategic Plans fail. In the second part I’ll discuss some practical methods to help companies achieve their Strategic Plans.

Why 9 of 10 Strategic Plans Fail

We have all seen the output of Corporate Strategic Planning sessions: 3 ring binders, charts, actions, metrics, etc. One company actually delivered it in a hard bound, book format. Unfortunately, the output of these sessions actually contribute to the high failure rate. In summary, Strategic Plans typically fail because:

  1. Employees don’t understand the strategy
  2. The Executive team spends less than an hour a month discussing the strategy
  3. The budget is not aligned to…

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Best Practices, LLC Blog

Benchmarking is an essential business concept. Although benchmarking is the #1 most utilized global management tool, most companies actually fail to use it to their full advantage. There are many different ways to use benchmarks. Some of these are depicted in the chart below. Image

Best practice benchmarking is the process of seeking out & studying the best internal and external practices that produce superior performance in organizations. There are many benefits associated with benchmarking,including:

  • Improve of operational efficiency
  • Assist attainment of goals
  • Create ‘best-in-class’ performance
  • Build a roadmap for success by using proven best practices
  • Avoid pitfalls

CEO of Best Practices, LLC, Chris Bogan’s best-selling book,“Benchmarking for Best Practices: Winning through Innovative Adaptation”, describes benchmarking as the “blueprint for innovation and breakthrough performance improvements.” In chapter 1 Bogan states, “There’s a simple litmus test to determine benchmarking’s applicability to your organization. Ask yourself: Can my organization…

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Sometimes you flat-out lose.

Losing is becoming a lost art as our culture bends to meet the needs of the masses. But, every now and then in our trophies-for-everyone society, losing busts out big time.

We must be prepared.

As a manager, finding ourselves in a win\lose situation can be dangerously frequent. We tend to want to work with our employees and coworkers rather than against them, seeking common ground and shared outcomes. We can’t always collaborate, though, and that produces winners and losers.

As managers we often lose when we win because we have the power and are expected to get our way. Even in winning we lose something.

So when we find ourselves on the losing end, what then?

Enter the 24-hour rule.

For almost our entire 10-year marriage, my wife lived life with metastatic breast cancer. For that decade we faced a roller coaster life. Early…

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Raining on everyone's parade

Authorities in Mexico say this morning that the storms battering both of their coasts have caused the heaviest rains on record and have affected more than 1 million people, with at least 97 people dead.


Mother nature can be really harsh sometimes. Mexico was recently hit by Hurricane Manuel, issuing one of the largest tropical storms ever to hit the area.

Definitely a contrast from the previous article, on how rainwater is helping the world become more green.

This shows that rainwater can, in fact, be very helpful when collected, but can also cause much harm to people in large amount

The government has yet to release estimates of the overall damage caused by Manuel and Ingrid, but Treasury officials said they had set aside $1 billion in relief funds.




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Linked 2 Leadership

Successful in Business

My  husband came home from work the other day looking stressed.  When I asked what was wrong, he described a situation to me where two of the women on his sales team were at odds with each other because they differed in their approaches to closing a sale.

Imagine that?!?!

Untying a Knot

One of the women, Natalie, was new and was being trained by the more experienced representative Anna. Natalie felt that Anna was too assertive or even aggressive when it came to approaching their prospects and this upset her.

This angst only caused more problems and it was obvious that they needed to sort this out.

In frustration over this issue, they sought out my husband for a remedy. After listening to both side, he did his best to mediate the situation and find that “win:win” solution. He told me that he felt that he has calmed down them both, but…

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Doug Dickerson on Leadership


It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.  – J.R.R. Tolkien

In leadership it’s not always the big things that trip us up. Often times it’s the little things that we fail to tend to that gives us the most grief. Your effectiveness as a leader will be found in carrying out the daily disciplines of proper calculations. What little dragons are you avoiding that you need to deal with? Don’t put it off any longer. Identify it. Calculate your plan of action. Get going.




If you enjoy reading the “Leadership Minute” you will especially enjoy reading Doug’s books, Leaders Without Borders & Great Leaders Wanted! Visit Doug’s website to order your copies today.

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Doug is available to speak for your civic, business, or church group…

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