Living With Depression

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate getting out of bed. It’s like the worse time of my whole life and when I’m the most depressed. As humans, we would probably stay in bed all day if we could get away with it. Fortunately, life has come up with several ways to prevent that from happening and here is a list of some of them.

1. The part of your body that you are sleeping on has become painfully numb.

2. You’re having a bad dream.

3. You’re really thirsty and you need a drink of water.

4. You have to go to the bathroom.

5. You’re not sure if you locked the front door.

6. Your cat or dog wants in or out.

7. Your baby is crying.

8. You have to go to work.

9. Your house is on fire.

10. You can’t sleep your life…

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