GTA V Guides and Walkthrough

As you know, money doesn’t come easily in Grand Theft Auto V and purchasing property is a huge commitment, but it’s still a great way to make money. It’s a sure thing, as opposed to playing the stock market with no insider trading. Without good tips, the stock market is no better than gambling. Purchasing property is a much bigger commitment, but the payoff is calculable. First, you must save money, make the purchase, and then have the patience to wait (sometimes up to two or more game years) for your investment to pay for itself and begin turning a profit.
There are 25 properties available for Franklin, Trevor, or Michael. However, some properties can be purchased by only one of these particular characters.
It gets even more complicated, though. Of the 25 properties, there are 8 personal storage facilities for vehicles ordered on the internet. Each character can have a personal marina slip, exotic vehicle garage, helipad…

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