Caballero Landscapes, Heritage & Cities Planning


From 23 September to 28 September 2013, Gabriel will be attending a conference organized by ICOMOS the Netherlands entitled ‘Protecting Deltas, Heritage Helps’ in Amsterdam. ICOMOS -NL recognizes the important role heritage plays in managing the water-related issues due to climate change.  Drawing on knowledge from all over the world inspirational lectures and interesting discussions will lead to a joint statement to put the integration of heritage in the protection of deltas on the international agenda.

Gabriel have been selected by the Nationale UNESCO Commissie, the Netherlands and ICOMOS – NL to be a participant for the conference. He will be looking forward to participate in the theme, “Cities: integrating heritage into protecting delta cities”which enriches his focus on Historic Urban Landscapes and Masterplanning.

More information about the event is in this link:

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