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Each season we love seeing what designers put on the runway. Even though the garments take priority, the styling is essential. The wrong hairstyle, makeup or accessories can compromise even the best outfits. We were so inspired by the way Donna Karan accessorized each of her pieces. Her clothes are spectacular on their own so it left us in anticipation waiting to see how they would be styled.  The chic accessories included natural and dark leather trim, gold buckles and metal accents that tied each look together. _D7Q0011.450x675_D7Q0014.450x675_D7Q0017.450x675_D7Q0025.450x675_D7Q0039.450x675_D7Q0050.450x675_D7Q0058.450x675_D7Q0110.450x675_D7Q0145.450x675_D7Q0209.450x675_D7Q0223.450x675

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