Raining on everyone's parade

Authorities in Mexico say this morning that the storms battering both of their coasts have caused the heaviest rains on record and have affected more than 1 million people, with at least 97 people dead.


Mother nature can be really harsh sometimes. Mexico was recently hit by Hurricane Manuel, issuing one of the largest tropical storms ever to hit the area.

Definitely a contrast from the previous article, on how rainwater is helping the world become more green.

This shows that rainwater can, in fact, be very helpful when collected, but can also cause much harm to people in large amount

The government has yet to release estimates of the overall damage caused by Manuel and Ingrid, but Treasury officials said they had set aside $1 billion in relief funds.




For full article, visit: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/09/20/20594092-rain-pummels-mexican-coast-thousands-stranded-as-death-toll-rises?lite


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