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Successful in Business

My  husband came home from work the other day looking stressed.  When I asked what was wrong, he described a situation to me where two of the women on his sales team were at odds with each other because they differed in their approaches to closing a sale.

Imagine that?!?!

Untying a Knot

One of the women, Natalie, was new and was being trained by the more experienced representative Anna. Natalie felt that Anna was too assertive or even aggressive when it came to approaching their prospects and this upset her.

This angst only caused more problems and it was obvious that they needed to sort this out.

In frustration over this issue, they sought out my husband for a remedy. After listening to both side, he did his best to mediate the situation and find that “win:win” solution. He told me that he felt that he has calmed down them both, but…

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