Some thoughts on New Zealand PM John Key’s visit to the UK and France, which I covered for Fairfax Media this week and last …

Key and Cam at nbr 10
Cam-er-on-in: John Key got a warm welcome but little else from the British PM

If, in a few years, New Zealand finds itself economically adrift of Europe, it will not be because of lack of high-level rhetoric to try and prevent it.

On his latest trip to Europe, Prime Minister John Key sounded almost urgent about the risks of New Zealand becoming overly dependent on the Asian economies. He told an audience of business and diplomatic figures in London that New Zealand’s trading relationships had come “almost full circle” from dependence on Britain and benign neglect of Asia to the opposite.

“We are increasingly integrated into the trade and economic architecture of Asia, despite very different cultural and political traditions,” Key said.

“At the same…

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