Forget it, Jake…it’s Chinatown

-Chinatown (1974) dir. Roman Polanski

When, in a moment of quiet contemplation, you look back on your life, at the decisions and vagaries that have brought you to where you are today, does that final line from Chinatown ever pop into your head?  It does mine.  The resigned, laconic advice seems wise when you consider the insuperable nature of the entrenched corruption and evil Jake is facing.  It’s advice that times like these make very tempting to take.

It’s been five years since the Lehman Brothers collapse, five years since the global financial melt down.  It’s been five years of economic stagnation and anemic job growth.  But sas anything of significance changed?  Have there been lessons learned and people brought to account?  Well it sure doesn’t look like it.

Take this interview with William Black, a former bank regulator and current law and economics professor.  The…

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