Gina X. Grant

I recently had the opportunity to hear a bright, young(er than me) editor speak about publishing today.

She said some interesting and candid things and I appreciate that. Plus she was funny and I always like that.

But I take issue with a couple of things she mentioned. One is the old adage, “don’t write to trends.” And of course she cited the death of chick-lit as an example.

But the death of chick-lit isn’t an example, it’s an isolated case which everyone points to as evidence that trends come and go because it’s pretty much the only recent case. If I think back, family sagas were big in the 80s, as were “glitter” novels. I miss them.

But lately, which of the predicted trend deaths have come true? That vampire novels are dead? That historicals are history? That steampunk will sputter out shortly? Uh, no. I don’t think so.

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