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I bit off a little bit of Plug Power Inc. (Ticker:PLUG) today, a little late to the recent rally. I’ve been watching it this week, but had other irons in the fire in shippers and rare earth plays.

PLUG is somewhat of a YOLO trade for me, I don’t expect much out of it. In terms of what I’m interested in at this point, though, it fits right in, i.e. green energy. I enjoy reading and learning about the variety of future technologies that will replace coal and petroleum as our primary sources of energy.

Plug operates in the fuel cell space, providing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) systems for commercial use, specifically forklifts. They have clients ranging from Wal-Mart to BMW, as companies look for more efficient means to produce energy throughout their manufacturing processes.

Fuel cells are interesting, though perhaps not quite as viable in the short to mid…

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