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Giving InSight

The upcoming widening of the Panama Shipping Canal is causing a global stir, one felt especially in California, where more than half of all imported shipping containers enter the U.S. The fear of losing competitiveness to newly accessible East Coast ports has those on the West scrambling to expand their ability to accommodate super-tankers and efficiently transport consumer goods from ships to trucks and rail, a process also known as the “goods movement.”  Dredging our oceans and widening our superhighways is viewed as the price of participating effectively in the global economy, but is it the only option?  Faced with a proposed multi-billion-dollar expansion of the freeway that runs through their community, residents of Long Beach, California and the Long Beach Freeway Corridor decided to find another path.

Long Beach is part of the country’s largest shipping complex, consisting of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. …

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the Net economy

Earth from Juno

NASA – On Oct. 9, Juno flew by Earth using the home planet’s gravity to get a boost needed to reach Jupiter. The JunoCam caught this image of Earth, and other instruments were tested to ensure they work as designed during a close planetary encounter.

The Juno spacecraft was launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Aug. 5, 2011. Juno’s rocket, the Atlas 551, was only capable of giving Juno enough energy or speed to reach the asteroid belt, at which point the Sun’s gravity pulled Juno back toward the inner solar system. The Earth flyby gravity assist increases the spacecraft’s speed to put it on course for arrival at Jupiter on July 4, 2016.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems

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Keeping in Touch

Iquitos is a bustling city.  It has many many more motocars (pictured) than cars or taxis.  It´s a bit hard to cross streets here as drivers are always testing the limits of yellow lights and many one way streets make crossing particularly difficult from oneside.  One should also watch out for dodgy sidewalks. 

Below are pictured some of the colonial style architecture, including the azulejos, the painted tiles, first imported from Portugal by Rubber Barrons to decorate their mansions. 


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Toronto and World

Elevated Highways Weaving through Buildings

When I was a kid, coming into downtown on the Richmond Street flyover, a sign always reminded one that the End was Near, though you could get information by calling Jim, who had a church so close to the flyover that it almost touched. In later years Jim faced across the flyover at the Funnel, a lamented lost experimental film space, located in a building that similarly almost kissed the road. I loved it when my Dad drove by the buildings there, it felt so metropolitan, so coming into town, the polar opposite of the trapped in Agincourt feeling that repeatedly stalked my youth. Anyway today I was biking along King Street right there and you know, it made me think of Osaka, where roads don’t necessarily get in the way of buildings. Since the roads are not thought to be temporary, they maintain them, and try to make them…

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tindak tanduk arsitek


kalau pernah kamu bertemu dulu, apa yang
kau inginkan nanti? sepi. kalau nanti kau
dapatkan cinta, bagaimana kau tempatkan
waktu? sendiri. bila hari tak lagi berani
munculkan diri, dan kau tinggal untuk
menanti? cari. andai bumi sembunyi saat
kau berlari? mimpi.
[Percakapan Dua Ranting ~ Radhar Panca Dahana]

Sapaan halo dari orang Nias apabila bertemu. Bisa juga ini yang membuat imajinasi menari, mengira bahwa pendiri portal Yahoo! pernah berkunjung ke Nias dan memberikan kata sapaan ini pada situsnya. Nias juga terkenal ombak-ombaknya ke seluruh dunia, sehingga menjadi destinasi selancar favorit dari pengendara-pengendara gelombang air top dunia. Surfing, itu istilahnya. Sama dengan istilah yang kemudian populer berarti menjelajah dengan internet. Jangan-jangan, yang mempopulerkan kata itu pun pernah merasakan terpaan gelombang di pantai Sorake di ujung selatan Nias. Barangkali…

Tentu bukan itu yang membuat aku tertarik ke pulau yang berada di tengah samudera seberang…

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