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In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. The public is still paying attention to the Zimmerman case, the President is out in …

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In The Dark Of Night The Government Prepares For The Economic Collapse — Episode 114

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Greatest. Idea. Ever.

There is a subtle mechanism at work behind the scenes in our daily lives that most of us aren’t even aware of.  This mechanism governs our society and everything that we do, secretly influencing political policies and free market economics.  It influences our behaviors, clouds our judgment, and shapes our viewpoints.  Amazingly, it does all this without making a peep; moving freely throughout our villages, towns, and cities like a whisper in the wind.  We could make a conscious effort to change our ways but that’s easier said than done since most of us don’t even know that this mechanism exists let alone how to identify it and change it.  But have no fear for I am about to flip the switch and put this mechanism under the spotlight.  

In short, what it relates to is our financial tolerance i.e. what we are or are not willing to pay…

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Head Space

Those who choose to have their opinions installed or reinforced by people who can’t even get basic facts about the physical world correct probably aren’t interested in adapting their views to objective reality.

October 9, 2013

Obama vs. the Veterans

By Elise Cooper

The government has been shut down since October 1st and President Obama has decided to close Washington by making life as inconvenient as possible. He did this before with the Sequestration when he would not permit any White House tours. Instead of understanding that he should work for the best interests of Americans, helping them wherever possible, he has done just the opposite. It appears he sees this as a game where he wants to win at all costs with the clear loser the American people. In response there is the possibility of a new rally, “Million Vet March On the Memorials”…

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elduderino777 many federal employees and the American public have been negatively affected by <a href="

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Freedom Fighter

My Liberal friends said Obamacare will be affordable...

Everyone has been flipping out on the Obamacare facebook page about the rates for coverage. One person commented, “My insurance plan right now for my spouse and I costs $545 a month with 100% coverage after my $2500 deductible. We are both 32 years old. When I looked at this site for 80% coverage it says it will be $954.78 a month!!!! So compare my old Plan: 100% coverage for $545 a month To New Plan: 80% Coverage for $945 a month. This is only only an estimate but it is VERY Scary for me to see this kind of increase in rates and reduction in benefits!”

This is starting to look exactly like I thought it would. DISASTEROUS!

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 Obama sold voters bill of goods on healthcare

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama sold his signature universal health care plan with the promise that it would “cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.”

Now that the Affordable Care Act exchanges are open for business, voters are finding that the biggest problem with Obamacare isn’t that some Web sites crashed last week but that the Obama promise of big savings for the average family was too good to be true.

Now that the exchanges are open for business, people who already have individual coverage have something new to not like: sticker shock. The Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable after all.

Last week, I began hearing from readers whose individual policy premiums are going up, not down. A local architect sent me a notice he received from Kaiser informing him that his…

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Batu Ferringhi Beach on Penang, Batu Ferringhi...


GEORGETOWN: A 35-year-old Arab woman was killed in a parasailing accident yesterday at the famous Batu Ferringhi.
The victim has been identified as Aldakhilallad Eman Mohamed from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She was single.
Aldakhilallad had apparently plunged into the sea and died while being airborne off the shoreline.

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