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Congress Approval Lower Than Cockroaches; New American Poll

A PPP poll indicates that Americans have a lower congress approval than they of distatsteful things like cockroaches, but is anyone in congress listening?
Image Credit: ric_k via Flickr.com

Congress approval isn’t the best at the moment. A poll conducted from October 4-6 by Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked Americans a variety of questions about their opinion of Congress. The first question was the standard “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Congress is doing?” Only 8 percent approved, compared to 86 percent who disapproved. Following that typical question was a series of others that indicate the extreme unpopularity of the current Congress.

The Public’s Opinion Of Witches Is Higher Than Their Congress Approval

Witches across the land can rejoice today: the PPP poll found that witches were rated more highly than Congress by a 46 percent to 32 percent margin.

Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin and Miley Cyrus didn’t fair as…

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