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Wilfried Martens, the president of the EPP (European People’s Party) and former prime minister of Belgium just passed away







Wilfried martens, born in Sleidinge, east=flanders rad law at the University of leuven, became an activist for the promotion of the dutch generalised language (till there flemish Belgium new lots of dialects) and became involved in politics in Ghent with the christiandemocrats.

He became member of the belgian house of representatives, president of his party, the CVP (today CD&V) and was appointed prime minister by King Baudouin in 1979. With one interruption, he was for 13 years pime minister of Belgium as key person of all coalition-shaped belgian governments. He became afterwards member of the European parliament and president of the EPP.

Wilfried Martens was particularly close to former King Baudouin. He was “Minister of State”, a belgian distinction for  politician of high level…

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