Ipswich Spy

A political row has broken out after Labour’s housing spokesman attempted to claim responsibility for changes to regulations that allow Ipswich Borough Council to build new council houses.

When Tory Minister Oliver Letwin visited Ipswich to see the Bader Close site for himself, he praised the Labour housing portfolio holder for taking advantage of changes to the rules around housing and building new council houses.

Yet Cllr John Mowles couldn’t avoid making a partisan attack on the Tories, insisting that it was down to the last Labour Government that they could build new council houses. He was quoted in the Ipswich Star as saying “This is not a Tory government scheme, it is a Labour borough scheme.”

“We are able to do this thanks to a change in the regulations that was originally introduced by the previous Labour government.”

Unfortunately for Cllr Mowles that simply isn’t true.

Former Secretary of…

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