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This Animation was made for a AUT Graphic Design Theory project 2013. The brief was to keep a visual journal for two or so months, to show how our perspective of the world changed in response to our lectures. I decided to animate my diary and bring it to life. A lot of topics/issues/themes were touched on in this animation, in best attempt to answer the brief.

This is the first animation I have made.

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Ipswich Spy

A political row has broken out after Labour’s housing spokesman attempted to claim responsibility for changes to regulations that allow Ipswich Borough Council to build new council houses.

When Tory Minister Oliver Letwin visited Ipswich to see the Bader Close site for himself, he praised the Labour housing portfolio holder for taking advantage of changes to the rules around housing and building new council houses.

Yet Cllr John Mowles couldn’t avoid making a partisan attack on the Tories, insisting that it was down to the last Labour Government that they could build new council houses. He was quoted in the Ipswich Star as saying “This is not a Tory government scheme, it is a Labour borough scheme.”

“We are able to do this thanks to a change in the regulations that was originally introduced by the previous Labour government.”

Unfortunately for Cllr Mowles that simply isn’t true.

Former Secretary of…

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Brussels Diplomatic

Wilfried Martens, the president of the EPP (European People’s Party) and former prime minister of Belgium just passed away







Wilfried martens, born in Sleidinge, east=flanders rad law at the University of leuven, became an activist for the promotion of the dutch generalised language (till there flemish Belgium new lots of dialects) and became involved in politics in Ghent with the christiandemocrats.

He became member of the belgian house of representatives, president of his party, the CVP (today CD&V) and was appointed prime minister by King Baudouin in 1979. With one interruption, he was for 13 years pime minister of Belgium as key person of all coalition-shaped belgian governments. He became afterwards member of the European parliament and president of the EPP.

Wilfried Martens was particularly close to former King Baudouin. He was “Minister of State”, a belgian distinction for  politician of high level…

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pCoast Compelled


~ In response to the overabundance of mainstream-styled bloviating I witnessed masquerading as free thought on social media following the last presidential campaign I wrote the following:

November 6th, 2012

“Alright, everybody, its time I gave it to you straight. You don’t matter. Your opinions don’t matter. Your vote doesn’t matter. All the posts in the world, full of jeering and negativity and encouragement and exclamations, don’t matter.

Government, in general, is chalked full of devious agendas, sinister ploys, calculated plots and many more creepy-adjective/ominous-noun pairings. [Citizens] are to government authorities what lab-mice are to scientists.  We are run through incalculable experimental conditions to include, but not limited to: extreme changes in social and cultural dynamics, legislative controls on the part of cities, townships, counties, states, and the federal government, economic modifications, and international relation/foreign policy adjustments.  Meanwhile, the authorities observe us and make sure we continue producing the results…

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The German airline company announced through a letter signed by their General Manager in Gabon Yannick Aplogan addressed to Gabonese authorities that they will no longer provide flights from Frankfurt to Libreville.

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Order Of Truth

tmayHome Secretary, Theresa May, has announced details of a revamped Immigration Bill which she claims will make it harder for illegal immigrants to live in the UK.

New measures include:

  • Banks to check immigration status of applicants who wish to open accounts,
  • Applicants for driving licences would need to prove their immigration status,
  • Private landlords required to check the immigration status of potential tenants.
  • Limit the use of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights – the right to a private and family life – by illegal immigrants and criminals trying to stay in the UK,
  • Restrict the right of immigration detainees behind bars to apply repeatedly for bail,
  • Extend the notification period for a wedding to 28 days from 15 to crack down on sham marriages,
  • Overseas nationals to prove they are in the country legally before receiving medical treatment from the NHS,
  • Non-EU students to pay…

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Just Sayin'

Homes sit next to the Exelon Bryon Nuclear Generating Stations in Bryon, Ill.

Homes sit next to the Exelon Bryon Nuclear Generating Stations in Bryon, Ill.

Jeff Haynes /AFP/Getty Images

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which oversees the nation’s one hundred nuclear reactors, has announced it will temporarily close its doors on Wednesday evening, due to the government shutdown. Safety operations will not be affected.

The NRC had stashed a little bit of extra money from the previous fiscal year to carry it through the first week of the shutdown. That cash ran out today, and all but 300 of the agencies 3,900 employees will be furloughed starting tomorrow. Those who remain on duty include on-site inspectors at all of the nation’s nuclear reactors and a small emergency-response staff.

NRC Chairman Allison Macfarlane says safety oversight at operating reactors will not be affected: “The agency will maintain our watchfulness of the reactors,” she told NPR in an interview. “But we won’t be doing much…

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