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A.  “Major shocks will become the norm from now on”
28 May 2013, LarsSchall.com, Lars Schall interviews Tekoa Da Silva of Bull Market Thinking
Pasted from: http://www.larsschall.com/2013/05/28/major-shocks-will-become-the-norm-from-now-on/

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management/GoldSwitzerland, independent financial journalist Lars Schall interviewed financial markets publisher Tekoa Da Silva about, inter alia, opportunities and risks in the precious metals field, the lack of enforcement of regulatory rules, what he interprets as “upside-down hyperinflation,” the commodities market in Brazil, and the unknown factors related to both China’s and Germany’s gold reserves.
By Lars Schall

The following interview was conducted for and published by GoldSwitzerland.
Tekoa Da Silva, born 1983 in Boston, Ma.,USA,is a resource investor, financial market writer and entrepreneur. He has invested in gold since his late teens, has built and sold a gold trading business, and has interviewed many of…

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