The Botanical Kitchen

The heavens usually open up on Apple Day at our orchard and this year was no different but we had a brilliant day and the best part was of course tasting the different varieties of apples grown here in the UK.

A fantastic range of British apples

Our little community orchard won’t bear fruit for some time. So we had a host of varieties on the stand for a mere 25p per apple.

A superb team of volunteers

We’ve had a lot of people come and go. Myself included. It’s been hard to keep up with family and food commitments and make it to every volunteering day.  But it’s these smiley faces that keep us going back. Friendly, committed and passionate about our little project.

Our community orchard is at Forty Hall Farm, Forty Hill, Enfield.  We meet on the last Sunday of every month so do come and…

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