It’s something I’ve never really liked doing, but manage most days.  The past week or so it’s been hard.  Maybe it’s because it’s still dark in my room now at 7:00 am.  Maybe it’s because I’m cold.  Mostly I think it’s because I have lost my passion.  I’m not excited about getting out of bed.  I have no major plans from one day to the next. Every day, I get up, journal, walk the dog, eat breakfast, do some genealogy or blogging, (reading and writing).  Most afternoons I run errands and take a nap.  Napping seems to be central to most of my days.

On Wednesdays I do Zumba (class starts again this week) and T’ai Chi and volunteer at the dog shelter on Fridays.  It’s a relatively full week.  Especially since after Zumba all I can do is shower and take a nap, so half my day is pretty…

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