I have created a novel that I will work on for National Novel Writing Month. I named it R.A.I.D. Agents

R.A.I.D. Agents



I’ll give you the synopsis and excerpt.


On the desert planet of Chelron 42. A failing colony of the First Empire struggle to survive. Cal, one of the colony’s remaining original settlers, is injured in a firefight with local raiders. When he awakes, he finds his settlement destroyed, he struggles to return to the First Empire’s Interplanetary Citadel to bear the news of the colony’s failure, and to receive his punishment.


Cal raises his tarnished pistol and fires, a bandit clutches their shoulder and falls behind cover. Cal smirks, he pivots his gun and fires at another figure, they fall as well. High off his ego, Cal doesn’t see the raider to his left sighting on him. He feels a sharp pain as a bullet…

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