Adventures in Terovia

Welcome back!  I assume that anyone who actually reads these little tidbit of my thoughts noticed that I did not post anything late Saturday or Sunday nights…I decided to take a break and, after doing some math, I realized that I could potentially have Sunday’s off from writing by simply adding an additional 300ish words to my daily goal Mon-Sat and simply shoot for 1900 wpd.  That may be something I do so I’m prepared just in case I don’t have time to write on Sundays.

Anyway, played a game of Champions today, my first one in almost a week, against Will and it was EPIC!!  The game came down to Sudden Death (the first official one is all the play testing to date) after some incredible moves on both sides.  Two rounds into Sudden Death I came out on top by 1 wound!  Whew, it was incredible and such…

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