Happy Holly Project

FoolWhy yes, thank you … I make a fool of myself on a regular basis.

It’s kind of like what I do.

While writing of my romantic escapades recently, I could not help but notice that I had typed “That I was not a fool.” and “hate to be a fool” and “I feel like I was a fool.”

A recurring theme as it were.

Readers here yesterday will recall me not knowing about the viral craze … that Fox Thing … and not understanding “Ding ding ding” or What The Fox Said.

And my very good friend encouraging me with the gentle admonition:

Just ask questions before you make a fool of yourself again.

Too late.

It happened again today. With an image. On the web.

This one.


Took me a while … which is funny considering the room I had at the lake this summer.

I was trying…

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