Here’s a golden chance to speak against corruption and be heard! Write lyrics in Hindi for a song against corruption and have Shankar Mahadevan compose and sing it for World’s largest crowd-sourced anti-corruption platform, I Paid A Bribe ( The soImageng can outline an individual’s journey from that of a silent, compliant spectator to raising their voice against this gross injustice and working with others to driving action against corruption in society. The winner in addition to getting his song composed and sung, will get to meet Shankar Mahadevan and the IPaidABribe and Janaagraha team.
Participating in this contest is easy. Register for the contest. Upload a copy of written lyrics or scanned copy in the acceptable file formats given below and a rendition in your own voice of your lyrics. Render it as a shayari, regular poem, sufi, ghazal or a song to give us a flavour of how you think your lyrics would be the most powerful. Your song could be the anthem against this social evil.
Registration is free for all the Shankar Mahadevan Academy students
Winning Prize:
– Winner will get a chance to meet Shankar Mahadevan and the IPaidABribe & Janaagraha team
– Anthem for IPaidABribe initiative of Janaagraha will be composed and sung by Shankar Mahadevan based on the lyrics of the winner


Terms & Conditions
Lyrics has to be written only in Hindi language
Acceptable file format for written lyrics or scanned copy: pdf, doc, png, jpeg
Acceptable file format for audio, .mp3
Size of each file should not exceed 10 MB
One time purchase gives you access for only one submission. Please ensure that you upload the correct files. No requests for changing the file that is submitted initially will be entertained.
The academy is not liable for refund, once payment has been made.
Any complaints related to the submission will be addressed according to the discretion of the Academy.
The Academy will not be liable for any travel, travel related issues or damages arising out of travel.
Lyrics and the audio file will become the property of academy after submission. The uploaded content will not be returned to the student and will be archived. The Academy reserves the right to use the rendition as it deems fit.