City Mouse, Island Mouse

Heavy Metal Buffet / City Mouse Island Mouse

Last night Island Mouse became Metal Mouse, as my siblings brought the Heavy Metal Buffet to Mareel. It was an awesome night! I did my bit by helping to flog lots and lots of tshirts on the merch stall and, being in the know at Mareel (my other job), by finding all sorts of useful things very quickly.

Heavy Metal Buffet / City Mouse Island Mouse

I was super proud of Dirk and Marjolein, plus the two Jamies, Dave, Chloe, Joe and all the volunteers. The whole night went off without a hitch and instead with a really great atmosphere and loads of music fans of all ages and genres. The emphasis was on enjoying some great live music in a local venue and not on getting so rat-arsed you couldn’t stand anymore.  Everyone really supported this ethos and just got on with making the most of a mini-festival.

Here are some of my highlights:

Hoygir – best…

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