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NYC Stairways

beyond me

NYC Stairways

entering or escaping, sometimes the path is long and arduous.
yet, thankfully must we see accessibility provided for spaces previously unclaimed and unreachable! so start today to ascend to greatness or descend to mix among the people.
your journey awaits!

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Dickie Webb

Install-view-G1-iAquatopia: The Imaginary of the Ocean Deep, Nottingham Contemporary

20 Jul 2013 – 22 Sep 2013

Ninety percent of the earth’s oceans remain unexplored. Science knows outer space better than the ocean deep. Scores of new species, weirder than any fiction, are found each time a submersible descends to the ocean’s deepest trenches.

In the absence of knowledge the deep is a site where imagination has full rein. The ocean has always bred monsters, and like outer space has been a setting for science fiction since Jules Verne. But unlike outer space, the oceans are part of our own planet – and by extension a part of us too.

Throughout recorded history the deep has been the site of shared myths, subconscious fears and unnamed desires. Aquatopia, then, is less about the ocean as it actually is – it is about how it lives in our heads.

This major exhibition…

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okay, that title was too much. combining myspace and space jam is really a tragedy in itself. but alas, a post about spaces i’m loving:

maybe it’s my love of design, maybe i’m just judgmental, but i feel like I find myself subconsciously critiquing spaces, their design, or font choices, etc etc. I’ll choose to think this is an endearing, necessary quality that complements my natural abilities. But, because of this, it’s often hard for me to see past choices people have made creatively (or not creatively) in their house, event space, or store. I just think that the atmosphere you create is vital to the mood and feeling of a place or event and it translates to the way people feel about what is happening around them. i guess this means i would turn my nose up at the DESPICABLE mess that’s in my house right now but we…

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Almost Rational

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I love to write; you also know that I began blogging to “keep my ‘chops’ sharp” even when my “real job” is not that of “author”. In the past 2 years I’ve posted over 100 times and have had nearly 10,000 hits. In the grand scheme of “bloggers” my accomplishment is minuscule. (Perhaps I should have cooked my way through Julia Child, or something, and then secured a film deal. Then again, maybe not. Maybe it’s just hip enough to be myself; and to share my examined life for a few friends). So, as a guy who really only writes for myself, I’m pretty happy that I’ve been “found” almost 10,000 times.

On The Ritual of Thinking

I really do hope that I am a positive influence on you who find me. I don’t expect to find anyone…

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Video production by Heath Britton and Jennifer Greer Holmes.
Additional stills by Bryan Mason.
‘Reclamation’ by Tristan Louth-Robins (sound).

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Short Documents

La la la, I think I’ll go to Starbucks.

_DSF3134_DSF3135_DSF3136X100s & a heavy dose of VSCO

Taken standing on the footpath (as we say), so, typed with a little help from Pavement.

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Crazy Train To Tinky Town

A few years’ ago having tearily (not) despatched my nieces for a Sea Cadet camping weekend, my sister and I set about driving to Torquay, the English Riviera no less, for a spot of lunch and some shopping. We made some serious dents in our credit cards and lunched in our favourite pub. By the time we had finished with our Irish coffees we were fit to burst but clearly not so much that we couldn’t continue on our shopping spree.

It was fairly late when we returned to the car park and it was beginning to get dark so we loaded up the boot with all our swag and headed off home. On the way my sister who was driving, said that she knew a short cut so we headed off the beaten track across country.

For some reason she decided to tell me that these remote country lanes…

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