We eat mooncakes every Mid-Autumn Festival. The variety of mooncakes has expanded over the years (e.g. snow-skin mooncakes and durian flavored mooncakes). I am so looking forward to savouring them again this coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

However, do you know that eating mooncakes has its history with soldiers? This is what the second common folklore is about.

The Story:

Back in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Mongols ruled China. The Han people’s army planned to overthrow the Mongol rulers by staging an uprising. However, they had to find a way to inform all the Han people discreetly without getting caught by the Mongols.

The answer – mooncakes. Under the directions of the military advisor to the Han people’s army, Liu Bowen, the soldiers spread rumours about a serious disease that would plague the country the coming winter. They then told the Han people that eating mooncakes would prevent them from contracting the…

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