Robbie MacNiven

My first love will always be historical fiction. That doesn’t mean that I write lots of it. Contrary to what you may expect if you follow this blog, all of my published work to date has been speculative fiction, specifically five horrors, one fantasy and two science-fantasies. You might think that I’ve become accustomed to writing the “Big Reveal” – that moment when characters unaware of the abnormal horror/science/fantasy element discover the truth and then come to terms with it. 

I can assure you “accustomed” isn’t the word I’d use.

I find the Big Reveal to be consistently the most difficult writing hurdle I’ve ever had to overcome. It requires the balancing skills of a trapeze master. On the one hand, the characters must react in a way that is consistent with their own worldview, whilst at the same time being sufficiently shocked that the reader can still empathise them…

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