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Yesterday, I was sitting on my computer most of the day, staring at it.  The cursor was staring back at me, blinking, laughing at me and challenging me to write some halfway decent words.  In other words, it has been making me very bitter.  When the thoughts don’t come and the creative spark doesn’t electrify me, I can’t eat, I can’t walk right or even sleep.  Well, I could eat, but the rice crispy treats and the steak and the Hot Pockets didn’t quite upset my stomach as much as usual.

I guess I could sleep too, but the nap I took was only 3 hours instead of the normal 4.  The shortness of my nap was really bothering me and got me thinking about sleep.  Why does it seem that sleep only comes when you don’t want it and you want it only when you can’t have it?  For instance, last night I was trying to play video games…

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Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.


The riot went on for days without ceasing. An angry mob, majority of whom were young men, had gathered in the town square, calling frantically for heads to roll. Out of youthful zeal and misguided fanaticism, some set shops and cars ablaze and destroyed public property worth millions with petrol bombs. The police were at their wits’ end and were completely outnumbered and ‘outgunned’.  It didn’t really matter to the public that the government was calling for calm. Even the journalists jeered at the Presidential Spokesperson when he held the press conference. The public’s dissatisfaction with the government had evidently overspilled its banks.

“They killed my father for no apparent reason,” wailed a protestor.

“My husband died and I didn’t even get to say goodbye,” said an elderly woman in tears.

“How could they shoot unarmed people?” an angry protestor chipped in.

The march…

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The little boy with bare body and a tiny cap..admired the bird in the cage..looking from far..a photographer captured was a prisoner of poverty and another caged for eternity.

The bird could see the sky so high, and felt the urge to say goodbye to the little master..if he  let her go..wanted to feel the wing spread as it could fly..and the wind carrying it high and high..The bird was  hoping that one day perhaps I can test the strength of my wings.But the little master ..couldn’t understand her woes.

The little master was also caged, his was the invisible  cage of poverty and limitations.He wanted to play and study as his age children did, but he was never free. He had to work from dawn to dusk, and get few  pieaces of bread .

Each day, he thought when will the morning dawn, when his time will come…

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hourglassbyRiebartWhen I recently sat back and analyzed some of my own “author’s behavior,” it gave me…ummm… a bit of a chuckle. I had been crying, literally, with a pile of tissues, over the fate of a character I had created in my mind.

In the course of constructing novels, the plot often demands the death of some players, both good and bad. I was honestly amazed to find out how emotionally attached I had become to this particular character, a how horrible of a person I considered myself for contemplating his death.

True, he was entirely fictional. I made him up in my mind, brought him to “life” through words, then orchestrated his ultimate death. I felt evil. I felt bereft. I felt… crazy? Yes, that most of all!

And admittedly, it is a bit funny. I scratched my head and laughed a little. Then I called my mother for…

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lawrence grodecki

Now for the rest of the story – Dawn at Last . . . and she wants to be in pictures!

This post is a continuation of yesterday’s installment of one Pinterest picture for each of 26 chapters – the first 13 are in A Pinterest Guide to Dawn at Last.

Here’s chapters 14 through 26 . . . as always, I hope you enjoy the show . . . that’s all folks!

Chapter 14 – The Gathering of a Monkey, a Toad, and a Chicken

Chapter 14 - The Gathering of a Monkey, a Toad, and a Chicken

Chapter 15 – The Goddess Awakens?

Chapter 15 - The Goddess Awakens?

Chapter 16 – And So They Dance

Chapter 16 - And So They Dance  Pilar - Shadow Dancing

Chapter 17 – Pushing Buttons . . . and Talking it Over

Chapter 17 - Pushing Buttons . . . and Talking it Over  Said Alice.

Chapter 18 – On to the Frying Pan

Chapter 18 - On to the Frying Pan

Chapter 19 – A Late Lunch of Cognac and Pastrami

Chapter 19 - Today, Instead of Robin, I have Cognac and Pastrami

Chapter 20 – Look Out . . . Wet Flooring!

Chapter 20 - Look Out . . . Wet Flooring! -     "Some things only women can do" - Jackass - hahahah

Chapter 21 – 317 Browning Road . . . Revisited

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budgie's perch

I wrote this several years ago, but it turns out it’s still relevant – it’s always still relevant.

It’s particularly silly. I make no apologies for it.

I looked up. The queue had barely moved. I looked ahead of me, then behind me. The same people were there. Looking, no doubt, the same as I did. Tired.

I couldn’t remember any more when I’d joined the queue. I couldn’t even remember what I was queuing for. Both had disappeared into the long ago. The rain had stopped at least. But now the wind cut through my clothes and I was cold.

A movement ahead of me penetrated the woolliness of my mind and something approaching surprise struck me. Was the view the same as it had been a few moments ago? I wasn’t sure. There was a sudden rush of adrenaline that just as quickly disappeared. Nothing was happening.


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Jerrica's Regency England...

I’m excited to announce that the 3rd book in my Wetherby Brides series, THE WARY WIDOW, is now available at in audiobook format, as well as!
(Coming soon to iTunes!)

WW Audio

In honor of the release of THE WARY WIDOW,  I’m giving away a free audiobook download of BOTH A Gentleman Never Tells and More Than a Governess to one lucky commenter! You just have to fill in these 10 Fun Facts (pulled from BookWormSimi‘s list of interview questions). Copy/Paste the questions, fill in your answers and make sure to leave your email address:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Book:

Favorite Author:

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Actor:

Favorite Actress:

Favorite Song:

Favorite Singer:

Favorite Snacks:

Favorite TV Show:




Links to the first two audiobooks…

AGNT Audio





MTAG Audio







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