Stunted Adults

When it comes to the Real World Road Rules Challenge (“The Challenge“), I just can’t get enough.

I know that this is completely ridiculous.  The show is horrible.  The people on the show are horrible.  And, those horrible people do horrible things to each other while being on this horrible show.

Yet, I am completely compelled to watch them.  I have watched all 24 (?!) seasons.  Every single episode.  I have been a party to every last moment of idiocy, and I’ve loved it all.

Last week, I saw the promos for The Challenge: Rivals II and I was beside myself with excitement.  My crazy friends were back!  I counted down the minutes until the show aired and watched it live.

I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I was able to leave the Real World and Road Rules (RIP) long behind.  Once I hit my late…

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