Straight, No Chaser.

  Several weeks ago RR Alexanders from The Crossings sent me a couple rolls of his favorite film – Kentmere 100 to try out after hearing my film shortage. Then Joe decided to get me a Nikon F body to play with, because he feels like it, I supposed. Works like a charm after I cleaned it all the way up, which you will see.

  Here we are, a group effort once again.

  • Nikon F / Photomic FTn
  • Nikkor 50mm F2 NAI
  • Kentmere 100 (Reload)
  • Kodak XTOL 1+2 Rotary 20C 11.5 Minutes
  • Epson Scan – Sharpen on low, as usual.

  I’ll let you guys look at the shots first,


  • First of all Kentmere is manufactured by Harmon Technology, which is the mother company of Ilford, that alone should make you feel very comfortable to try it.
  • The film base (“plastic”) is slightly thinner…

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