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Take My Emerald Isle Or Bust!


Episode 4: Eat, Drink, Eat, and Eat Again

Let’s wrap up Sunday, shall we?  As exceptionally astounding as the Guinness Storehouse was, and as heavily as memories of its heady aromas and its friendly, toothy staff dominate the area just behind my eyes whenever I close them, we did do a bit more that evening worth sharing with you, the American viewing public.

On our walk back from the Storehouse, swinging our heavy Guinness-branded shopping bags with each step like the drunk, cheerful, easy-to-mug tourists we were and are, we were stopped.  I stopped us, because of this:

I mean… it’s clearly answering it’s own question – Guinness is a glassful of magic because it’s secretly Velociraptor leavings.  The entire tour was a ruse – Jurassic Park is real, and…

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