Few places in the world are as beautiful as Queenstown in wintertime. The tiny resort town in the South Island lies nestled between Lake Wakatipu and the towering snow covered mountains, becoming a picture perfect representation of winter bliss. Winter is Queenstown’s busiest time of year with shops, restaurants and bars running in full swing, not to mention the area’s many ski fields and golf courses. Want something that will get your blood pumping? Try one of Queenstown’s many adventure sports such as bungy jumping, paragliding or jet boating.

Overseas tourists are surprised to learn that Queenstown is not an isolated community far out in the country. The town is served by its own international airport just 10 kilometres away. Queenstown is easily accessible by road. Christchurch is a 6 hour drive away, Dunedin 3.5 hours and Invercargill 2.5 hours. Making the drive to Queenstown takes the motorist through some…

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